Tribute to Jim Wooten, AJC Columnist

I’ve vowed to keep my blog light-hearted and apolitical, but something has come up I must address: the retirement of AJC columnist Jim Wooten. While I try to view issues independently, I’m fairly left of center in most cases. Wooten, on the other hand, is far, far to the right…of Dick Cheney. Jim once waterboarded his kids when they wouldn’t admit who broke the window with a softball. Just kidding!

Anyway, I have no problem with Wooten being conservative. I’m not one of these people who believes anyone who thinks differently than me is stupid or evil. Heck, many of my friends and family are conservative, and only some of them are going to hell, according to top liberal insider, Jesus. Again, just kidding! No really, what I’ve always disliked about Jim’s columns is his lack of independent thought and analysis beyond the surface of issues. He simply resorts to knee-jerk, right-wing responses and never (that I’ve seen) criticizes his own side. I hate this we’re-always-right and they’re-always-wrong mentality because it’s clearly false, and it ruins your credibility. I don’t like it when Limbaugh or Hannity do it, nor when Michael Moore or Al Franken do it either. I don’t have a problem with you making an argument different than mine, but at least put some intelligent thought and fairness behind it. Be open to changing your mind too when facts build against what you’ve previously believed.

In some ways, I’m disappointed Wooten is leaving. As the token conservative columnist for the AJC, he’s always been the Washington Generals to the Harlem Globetrotters of insightful liberal columnists Jay Bookman and Cynthia Tucker. Many of the columns published during the AJC’s contest to replace Wooten as a conservative columnist were quite well done so perhaps the person chosen to replace Wooten will embrace more thoughtful arguments. I believe the strongest, most persuasive believers of a cause are also the ones most critical of the obvious failures of that cause too, instead of just ignoring or refuting the clear truth or fingerpointing at the other side.

Anyway, it wouldn’t be a true retirement for Wooten without a good-natured, old-fashioned roast. For this purpose, I’ve adopted the thought processes and writing style of Wooten to write a brief column on global warming. Here goes:

Yesterday, Macon set a record for lowest temperature for that date. Wow, that’s gotta be embarrassing for all those global warming alarmists! Talk about egg on your face. Hope that egg doesn’t fry under this supposed heat wave.

I know, I know, 99% of the world’s top climate scientists agree global warming is occurring and is due to human activity. And I know Arctic ice is melting at a disturbingly fast pace, sea levels are rising, yadda, yadda, yadda. But just yesterday I was talking with a climate scientist (I believe he works with Exxon) who was telling me he was still not absolutely certain it is occurring. While he did not have facts to back him up, he did point out that at one time climate experts thought perhaps the atmosphere was cooling! Aha! That ought to be enough right there to put the brakes on any earth-saving-but-somewhat-inconvenient efforts.

Still another scientist (with Chevron I think it was) told me global warming might actually be a good thing. Think of all the new farmland that would open in an northern regions like Siberia. It’s hard to say if there might also be downsides, such as disturbing the delicate balance of the Earth’s ecosystems at the same time they are already stressed by the human population explosion, but so what? I’m sure we will pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and innovate our way out of any situation that might occur, regardless of the bounds of science and reality.

April 29 modification to this post: Just as I was about to hit the “Publish” button on this article, I saw a Jim Wooten column on the lottery that I actually thought was pretty good, so I thought in fairness I should add the link.


~ by jonwbecker on April 30, 2009.

One Response to “Tribute to Jim Wooten, AJC Columnist”

  1. Hmm, wonder if Jim Wooten really retired of his own volition or if he took off rather than be let go amid the AJC’s planned layoffs.

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