Sick Day Thoughts/SI Tennis Link

I’m at home today with a bad sore throat. I really need some ice cream bad to soothe it. Maybe that will be lunch.

This week  Sports Illustrated tennis writer Jon Wertheim generously mentioned my new tennis-related short story in his online tennis mailbag at my request. That meant  my new blog had a big spike in views from my daily average of about 3 to around 400. Now the wave of viewers has subsided though. I feel like I wasted an opportunity since I really don’t have much content on my blog yet. It’s like if you were building a museum and a big tour bus showed up to tour your place before you’d put up many exhibits. I guess they at least got to see the story, although admittedly it is a little long for online reading and somewhat disjointed and in need of editing. Oh well, I’m pretty busy these days so it’s hard to find time to post content, much less figure out how to get people to find the blog.

I think I may try a new template look for my blog too. This current one, called Emire, is a little bland.

I like to add random photos to break up the text. Here’s a cool one of a great blue heron I took

~ by jonwbecker on January 23, 2009.

One Response to “Sick Day Thoughts/SI Tennis Link”

  1. Jon, you obviously got the analogy gene in the family, because that museum one is a dousy. I like the new look of the blog with the cool alligator photo, too.

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