Show me the love

Pearce looking cute in the yard

Pearce looking cute in the yard

Ok, this is my second day of the blog. I’m ready for the swarm of readers. Where are all the readers? I thought I’d be famous by now.

I guess I need to put something interesting or revealing. Here’s something I realized about myself the other day. Much of what I do in life is motivated either by indulgence or guilt. They are the yin and yang of my actions.  You know, drink too much coffee/beer, eat crappy food, spend too much money (such as on a new racquet) and goof off, then feel guilty and compensate by working hard, eating better (for a meal or two), being cheap, etc. I think a lot of Americans feel the same way. We are constantly prodded through advertising and societal pressure to indulge, and then chastised for being broke, fat, sick, and so on.  There’s a magazine that’s usually in the breakroom at work called “Women’s World” and I always get a kick out of it because half the articles are about great new desserts and the other half are about how to lose weight.

~ by jonwbecker on January 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “Show me the love”

  1. you are famous in my book 🙂

  2. Jon,
    You are famous it just has not caught up with you yet.

    Women’s World is not just a magazine – it is the real thing! They own us we just don’t know it yet. Oh maybe we do and just now willing to admit it outloud!

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