My New Racquet/ALTA match

I just bought a sweet new racquet, the Dunlop Aerogel 200 ( I played with it during my ALTA mixed doubles match on Sunday. It took awhile to get used to but I really like it. It has more control and less vibration than my old Prince racquet which should be better for my wrist.  It has a little less power than I would like so next time I’ll probably string it a little looser.

My partner Claudia and I won our match. She is a great player, really hits an unbelievable forehand, which gives me lots of poaching opportunities. Our team took all five points for the week overall and we’re tied for first place. Good start so far.

~ by jonwbecker on January 14, 2009.

One Response to “My New Racquet/ALTA match”

  1. okay, I have to admit something. I am bad to my racquets…. yes, I know, how could I? I was playing racquetball with my friend Roger the other day. This is Roger who owns a $300+ racquet. As you can well recall, I become a litte, tiny bit competitive in sports especially racquet sports. Anyway, his serve was skunking me big time and I was pissed. So that I didn’t curse like a sailor and get thrown out of the courts, I did the lady-like thing and slammed my racquet against the wall. No biggie I thought, I do this all the time. I went on to play and realized that my racquet was now completely off center so I just later hit the other side against the ground to even it out- still works like a charm. However, not sure if Roger will ever play with me again or not.

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